Paul Zaborac Trio
Bill Williams on Bass
Deva Permana on Drums


The album Actualize by the Paul Zaborac Trio (November 2012) features Bill Williams on Bass and Deva Permana on Drums. Inspired by the flexibility and compositional possibilities of piano trios and the use of extended techniques by the saxophone as seen in the contemporary classical repertoire, the album explores the concept of using the saxophone as an accompaniment instrument. By using the saxophone in such a way, the ensemble explores and pushes the boundaries of the traditional tenor trio format. This novel approach to the saxophone is also juxtaposed with more traditional approaches to the instrument and ensemble, creating an original, unique, diverse, and rich ensemble sound.

Welcome to the official website of saxophonist Paul Zaborac. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more about my music or have any comments or questions. You can also find me on:


The Paul Zaborac Quartet
Live @ the Vaudeville Mews

This series of videos are a recording of a live gig performed at the Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines, Iowa by the Paul Zaborac quartet. Featuring Austin Brown on guitar, Eric Krieger on bass, and Mark Grimm on drums, the recording showcases the group’s penchant for musical dialogue and free flowing improvisation. See all the videos from the gig and others on the media page or at my Youtube channel.

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