Paul Zaborac is a versatile saxophonist, composer, and educator. Originally from the Des Moines, Iowa area, he earned a bachelor of music degree in music education from Simpson College in 2010 and a masters in saxophone performance from The Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2012 where he was the recipient of the Albert Scholarship for Postgraduates and served as a research assistant. Paul is now pursuing his doctorate at The University of Colorado-Boulder where he works as a teaching assistant and the saxophone instructor for the continuing education department. Paul is also active as a performer and educator and has performed in Australia, Hong Kong, China, and throughout the United States. He has also had the opportunity to share the stage with notable jazz musicians such as Rufus Reid, John Von Ohlen, Everett Greene, Greg Gisbert, Stan Sulzmann, Chad Eby, Stockton Helbing, Paul McKee, and Michael Dease.

Well versed in both classical and jazz saxophone, Paul brings a unique and diverse set of skills to his performances on the instrument. This unique combination of skills is displayed in the original compositions on his debut album Actualize (2012) where he explores how the saxophone can be used as an accompaniment instrument in improvised music. This original approach to the saxophone draws upon the many extended techniques available to the saxophone and explores the performance potential of the instrument in improvised music.

In 2013 the Paul Zaborac Trio went on a tour of the American Midwest that included stops in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chicago, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Des Moines. Furthermore, in 2011 Paul had the opportunity to perform internationally in China and Hong Kong with the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Saxophone Quartet. He has also performed at the biennial conference of the North American Saxophone Alliance in 2014, 2010, and 2008, which included performing on a masterclass for Jean-Michel Goury. He has also made soloist appearances with the Simpson College Symphonic Wind Ensemble as a winner of the concerto competition in 2007 and 2009 and has toured the American Midwest with the Simpson College Saxophone Quartet (2008).

Paul Zaborac Quartet

The Paul Zaborac Quartet is a newer ensemble from Des Moines, Iowa formed in 2014. Featuring Austin Brown on guitar, Eric Krieger on bass, and Mark Grimm on drums, the quartet strives to serve as a space where musical exploration, experimentation, and creation can occur. Each member’s musical background and sound meld together to create a group sound rich in colors and textures.


“Paul Zaborac’s debut CD Actualize presents an innovative and new look at the jazz saxophone trio genre. His ingenious re-imagining of the role of saxophonist as both soloist and accompanist has opened the possibilities of the trio format wide open. Each tune on the disc explores a different stylistic setting with the saxophone utilizing both traditional and timbral effects to great musical effect. At the core of the recording is fantastic playing from all three players in a compositionally well thought-out project as a whole.” – Dr. Michael Duke

“The trio’s debut album features jazz in a variety of textures with great interplay between the trio. The drum work from Deva is particularly impressive as the trio experiment with their tempos.” – Sammy Al, The New Thing on Eastside 89.7FM, Sydney.

Paul Zaborac Trio

The Paul Zaborac Trio is an ensemble of saxophone, bass, and drums that was formed in Sydney, Australia in 2011. With each member originating from a different continent, the trio is a truly international ensemble. This diversity within the trio is reflected in the unique and original sound created by the ensemble, drawing inspiration from the varied experiences and backgrounds of each member. In addition to drawing upon jazz standards and the rich tradition of the music therein, the trio strives to test the boundaries of traditional organization in the saxophone trio format.  Exploring how the saxophone can be utilized as an accompaniment instrument and the palette of extended techniques available to the saxophone, the trio creates a music rich in contrasts and textures.  Featuring the formidable talents of Bill Williams on Bass and Deva Permana on Drums (see below for bios), the trio represents a major musical force that is bound to entertain and inspire. While touring and performing in America, the trio also draws upon the musical skills of Eric Krieger on Bass and Sam Mogerman on Drums.

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